Hogmanay Celebration Meal 6 - 9pm

31 December

9 courses £75.  Wine pairing available

1st course

Rabbit & duck fat bon bon 

- or -

pickled cucumber, olive ice cream & lime mascarpone

2st course

Dressed crab, seaweed custard & quince jelly

- or -

Roasted cauliflower, glazed figs, apple trio - marinated, purée & sorbet - fennel dust

3rd course

Breast of wild pigeon, bitter chocolate, blackberries, pistachio dust, Puy lentil bon bon, cherry & chocolate reduction

- or -

White onion velouté soup, truffle oil. fennel bread & whipped butter

4th course

Cod fillet, potato mille feuille, parsnip purée, chorizo crumb & scallop velouté

- or -

Butternut & sesame risotto, pickled courgette & potato crisp

5th course

Saddle of red deer, pommes Anna, butternut & sesame purée, glazed parsnip, blackberries & sauce Grand Veneur

- or -

Potato gnocchi, chestnut mushroom velouté, St Agur mousse, hazelnut dust

6th course

Lime yoghurt sorbet

7th course

Selection of 5 craft Scottish & French cheeses, quince jelly, artisan crackers & Arran oaties, Calvados chutney, candied walnuts

8th course

Strawberry soup

9th course

Blackberry parfait, blueberry sorbet & lavender doughnut